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EZdss cloud-based digital signage solution is a combined hardware/software solution offered on a low-cost installation and monthly fee, there are no hidden costs and our lifetime warranty guarantees zero maintenance expense.

EZdss enables all businesses to improve communications within the organization by delivering targeted advertising and branded messaging to customers that enhance point of sale marketing and bottom line results.

EZdss is an affordable solution which transforms any digital screen or TV into a powerful communication platform. Previously, small and medium-size businesses couldn't take advantage of digital signage as the cost for such was prohibitive and the installation and usability complex.

EZdss is a web-based interface, the system is easy to install and simple to use. Because it is cloud-based, users can login to EZdss ( from any internet-connected device and leave the rest to us. Any business looking to improve communications and benefit from targeted, real-time messaging, advertising and brand reinforcement can now take advantage of digital signage technology and start enjoying the increased revenues this unique solution offers. EZdss has made digital signage accessible to everyone.

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